Slightly more than 3.5 billion people have internet access worldwide and the number is growing daily. Of that figure, more than 2 billion people shop online or are at the very least thinking of shopping online. Certainly, more than two-thirds of all those who have internet access use it for research purposes. These are people who want to know where to go for dinner next, where to buy their next car and which brand to give their business when they finally decide to buy. It is a trillion dollar a year business and you could be missing out because of poor SEO practices.
Why you need expert SEO services
Search engine optimization is about more than just getting your website noticed by Google. It is about getting your brand in front of the right set of eyes. It is about telling people about your products and services and it is also about showing them why they should trust you with their business.
Online marketing has evolved in such a manner that only the brand with the most targeted traffic gets the biggest share of the pie. Big brands such as Facebook, Twitter, IBM, and Amazon understand this concept that is why their websites are some of the most trafficked in the world and also why they clear billions of dollars in profits each year.
Even though the companies mentioned above are big household brands with millions to spend on marketing and advertising, small businesses can also compete at the same level thanks to SEO and internet marketing. It has leveled the playing field and anyone who can hire a professional SEO Agency can paint their brand in the best possible light.
What can a professional SEO Agency do for your brand?
Think about how much business you would get if you had the same kind of internet traffic that platforms such as YouTube get? Now scale that down to more targeted traffic that actually brings in interested buyers and people who are almost guaranteed to become repeat customers. That is the kind of influence professional SEO services would have on your business. A professional SEO Agency can:
– Ensure that you gain good ranking on Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page).- Create a long term internet marketing strategy for your brand. A strategy that will withstand any Google updates. – Help you bypass and even eclipse your competition by diverting more internet traffic towards your pages. – Help you create and market wonderful content that will act as evergreen marketing pointers for your brand online. – Give you a fresh perspective on online marketing. – Help you manage your social media accounts as well as online image. – Keep you up to date with the latest internet marketing strategies and requirements. – Deliver better results.
As an individual, you may not have the time or technical capacity to keep up with all that encompasses the world of SEO. That is why professional search engine optimization agencies have entire teams to deal with a single account. These are people who undergo intensive training as well as refresh that training periodically just to keep up. Your brand will gain a lot from this dedicated team of savvy SEO professionals.
How to choose an SEO Agency
When trying to find the best SEO Agency to work with, you should take a few things into consideration:
What do you need?
This is the first question you should ask yourself and answer. Are you looking for reputation management, link removal, ongoing SEO services, content creation and marketing or PPC management? SEO firms offer a wide variety of services within the field. If you are looking or reputation management specifically, then you should hire a firm that specializes in that field and so on.
Consult with a few different firms
Contact a few qualified agencies and ask them what they think would be the best approach towards your SEO needs. The company that takes the time to run a quick diagnostics on what you already have, interview you to find out what your vision is as well as goes out of their way to see what your competition is doing is the company that you should hire. Someone who knows how to give you what you want while helping you eclipse the competition.
Ask for case studies
Let the company show you one small business brand that they have brought out of digital obscurity into the light of online brand recognition. It shows that they know what they are doing and that their methods work.
There is no question about it; you need professional SEO services if you are to thrive in today’s online marketplace. Give us a call and let us get you started on your journey towards online brand recognition.