5 Tips For Getting .Edu Links

5 Tips For Getting .Edu Links

If you have been involved in SEO even for a couple of months, you may know the importance of .edu links to rank your website higher in the search engines. Any seasoned SEO will tell you that getting .edu links is a huge boost to your link profile.

But the problem arises when you try to “get these links.” In fact, you cannot “get” .edu links but earn them while focusing on something nobler. This article provides information on 5 tips for getting .edu links to boost your current SEO efforts.

Interviewing A University Professor –

Networking with a university professor has many advantages to your business. You can interview the professor and gain information for an article. Such interviews get picked up by the universities and are featured on their website most of the time. If not, the professor himself will feature the article on his personal blog. Mind you, a majority of professors maintain their blogs on .edu domains. This is an easy way to earn .edu links by not solely focusing on link-building.

Providing Resources For University Libraries –

University libraries perform an important job by collecting information and providing them to students who are seeking such information. These universities also have web technologists on their payroll. These people are responsible for collecting digital information and presenting it to the students who search for such information. If you have quality content on a particular subject that is relevant to students in a course of study, you can contact the library. They will link to your website if they find the material useful to their students.

Offer Your Services To The University –

If you operate a brick-and-mortar business near a university, you can provide your services to the university. The majority of universities list the local business establishments that provide important services to them. You may have seen local restaurants, shopping establishments, hotels, and even certain boutiques listed on university websites. These institutions offer their services to the university staff and students and get listed on the university website. This is a great way to get a free .edu backlink for your business.

Participating In A seminar –

Many universities provide seminars so that their students can gain additional information on specific areas such as career guidance, current news, and other niche topics. More often than not, outside speakers are invited to address these seminars. If you have the expertise and could speak on a certain topic, you can call up your local university and see what opportunities exist. Most often, visiting speakers are mentioned on the university’s website with a link to their websites. This is another way to earn an elusive .edu link that helps boost your SEO efforts.

Creating A Scholarship –

Providing a scholarship not only helps a deserving student but gets you an all-important .edu link too. All universities have a list of scholarships that their students can apply for. This information is linked to the scholarship provider’s website so that the student can get more information on the topic. Creating a scholarship is not an easy task after all. You need to allocate the necessary personnel and other resources to make the venture a success.

In conclusion, getting .edu links will help boost your overall SEO efforts significantly. That being said, getting .edu links is not as easy as it may sound. In fact, there is no way that you can “get” .edu links but “earn” them. This article highlights 5 important tips for getting .edu links to boost your SEO efforts.